The last trip of the Mary E. Packer

Patagonia is a synonym for mystery, loneliness and immensity. Every corner of this region has a mythical aura that is fed by many stories that talk about that vastness, loneliness and, also, about mysteries that still remain hidden, waiting for someone to expose them to the sunlight. Many of these stories can be found on... Leer más →

The hunting of an unknown submarine in Patagonia: Operation Nuevo Gulf (1958)

Chronicle of an unusual hunt in Patagonian waters This story begins in May 1958 and still remains shrouded in an aura of mystery, with many hypotheses and few certainties. It is a story that, despite the lapse of more than six decades, continues to attract attention and returns to the media from time to time... Leer más →

Kraken at 45° South

Since the dawn of civilization, man has filled with monsters, magic and gods that has been beyond the frontiers of his knowledge. The seas and abysses were filled with monsters, tales and legends that were transmitted both verbally and in written form throughout the centuries. Sirens, sea serpents and other creatures haunted the imagination of... Leer más →

When Patagonia invaded the United Kingdom

Map of Patagonia and South Atlantic islands by J.H. Colton (1855) [Courtesy of Yahoo Patagonia History Group]. This history begins in France in the late 1850s, with an ordinary lawyer from the Dordogne region and a declaration halfway between fantasy and utopia. Antoine de Tounens (1825–1878), a lawyer from Périgueux, proclaimed himself King of Araucania and... Leer más →

Welcome to the Bottomless Bay / Bahía Sin Fondo

Hello, everybody. Almost 10 years ago I made my first experience on the fascinating world of blogs, a universe within the Internet Universe. That blog is Bahía Sin Fondo, a place where History, Science and Curiosities are alternated, with the background of Patagonia as the central topic. During all this time I have edited the... Leer más →

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