Welcome to the Bottomless Bay / Bahía Sin Fondo

Hello, everybody. Almost 10 years ago I made my first experience on the fascinating world of blogs, a universe within the Internet Universe. That blog is Bahía Sin Fondo, a place where History, Science and Curiosities are alternated, with the background of Patagonia as the central topic. During all this time I have edited the notes in Spanish, my mother tongue, but for a long time I have had the desire to publish some content in English, in order to reach other readers and also to contribute to the stories. During these years I have found many stories where Patagonia links with other countries and cultures, where there is surely much more to tell.

Why Bottomless Bay (“Bahía Sin Fondo“)? The choice of name has a double meaning. The first is a tribute to Patagonia, to “my Patagonia“, to that which I live and lived (although I don’t live there permanently now, I come back whenever I can). The other is the concept of infinity, the absence of limits.

From this moment on, the blog is operative. In the next few days I will begin the work of translating the most important articles of the Bahía Sin Fondo blog. For now I say goodbye, until the next post… somewhere in the Bottomless Bay.

P.S.: My knowledge of the English language is limited, so most of the text has been translated with the help of Deepl.com, with some editing and revisions on my part. Any suggestion to improve the writing will be welcomed.


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